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We believe that video marketing shouldn’t be complicated, and should be accessible to everyone! That’s why, we are consistently releasing free content on our YouTube and social media that helps you start your video marketing journey!

Keep reading below to see our top tips for creating your own amazing video marketing content!

10 Video Marketing Tips that you can use to create amazing content for your business yourself! (even if you’ve never picked up a camera before)

Video marketing is the best way to reach your audience and express your brand and message!! The number of businesses that use platforms like YouTube, Instagram or Facebook to advertise themselves (without paying for ads) is growing, so if you’re not already utilising videos on social media, you’ll fall behind your competitors.

If you think video marketing needs expert skills to start, you’re wrong! You can start yourself at no cost, with nothing but your phone! No matter how big or small your business is, you’ll start to see an increase in your audience if you follow these tips!

Here are 10 of our top tips and free tools so that you can start your video marketing journey TODAY:

1) Identify your target audience and create content that caters to their interests and needs.

It’s all well and good getting thousands of views, but if your content isn’t being watched predominantly by your target audience, then those views won’t convert!

2) Use attention-grabbing titles and thumbnails to entice viewers to click on your videos.

Your video needs to stand out amongst others! So give it some visual appeal by creating an interesting thumbnail, and don’t forget an attention grabbing title! Use free tools like Canva to easily create a thumbnail, and ChatGPT to help you write titles and descriptions. 

3) Use closed captions to make your videos accessible to viewers with hearing impairments or to those who are browsing or watching on mute.

These days, a lot of people view videos without the sound on. That could be because they’re watching it on public transport, or in the middle of a meeting (hopefully not!). So keep those viewers engaged by adding closed captions to your videos!


4) Include calls to action in your videos to encourage viewers to take action!

Like subscribing to to our YouTube channel Outline Media Productions and following us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for more marketing tips!

5) Use a script to ensure that your videos are well-structured and stay on message.

A script doesn’t have to be lengthy and wordy. In fact, the simpler you keep it, the better. When it comes to speaking on camera, you want to come across as natural and relaxed, which is hard to do when you’re trying to remember lines! 

Most people don’t speak the same way they write, so speak from the heart! If you’re passionate and knowledgable on the subject, you will appear much more relaxed and authentic. So for your “script”, keep it as simple as a bullet point list to make sure you say everything you need to, but in your way.


6) Optimise your videos for search engines using relevant keywords in your titles, descriptions and tags.

Don’t forget the hashtags! #videomarketingtips

You can use a free tool like ChatGPT to help you write keywords, descriptions, tags and hashtags.

7) Use video testimonials and reviews to showcase the benefits of your product or service.

You can also use explainer videos to simplify complex concepts or products for your audience, or live streaming events to engage with your audience in real-time!

8) Use GIFs and animated titles to add visual interest to your content.

Most phones have the ability to add GIFs from the keyboard now. Just make sure it’s all relevant to your subject and target audience!

9) If you’re on a budget, use a phone with a good quality camera, and a well-lit area in the daytime.

Although most phones have the ability to shoot in 4k, you don’t need to upload in anything more than 1080p. If you’re uploading to social media, film in the portrait position. If you’re filming content longer than 60 seconds for YouTube, use the landscape position.

Filming yourself

10) Investing in some low-cost equipment will level up your videos! Like a tripod, a ring light and a quality microphone.

Along with your smart phone (if you already have one), you can get some low-cost equipment which will improve the quality of your videos! Here are some affiliate links of our top items to improve the quality of your videos (without breaking the bank):

Ring light with tripod stand and phone holder (Amazon UK)

Basic tripod for your phone (Amazon UK)

USB microphone (Amazon UK) – requires computer/laptop

Wireless wearable microphone (Amazon UK) – requires computer/laptop

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